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COMING SOON…. — May 15, 2015


I have some more Pinchme boxes on the way, along with two Samplesource boxes.  Birchbox and Bulubox shipping soon!  Stay posted!

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Review Pinchme March 2015! —

Review Pinchme March 2015!

I got two Pinchme boxes that I ordered in the month of March.  It takes about 6 weeks or so to finally get them in the mail.  Both boxes were the same.  Both had a sample of Gevalia coffee, a really good deluxe size sample of Olay body wash (white strawberry mint), and Purevia sugar substitute.  The coffee was okay, the body wash smells great and it is not over drying, which I like.  The Purevia, I have not used yet because I don’t really care for sweeteners.

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Review BzzAgent Cashewmilk —

Review BzzAgent Cashewmilk

I recently got to try Silk Cashewmilk for Bzzagent and it was really delicious.  It is a great milk or cream substitute.  It is super creamy and they have different varieties to try.  It’s perfect if you are reagan or vegetarian or even if you are trying to cut fat and calories.

Review Julep Maven Spring box —

Review Julep Maven Spring box

I ordered the Julep Maven Spring box and only had to pay $2.99 for s&h.  It shipped quickly and it came with 3 nail polishes, a metallic gold, a pale pink, and a pinky coral.  It also came with a really lovely light plum lip gloss.  I will post pics later of the colors.  All the products were full sized and good quality.  Highly recommend.

Review Walmart Beauty Box (Spring 2015) —

Review Walmart Beauty Box (Spring 2015)

I finally subscribed to the Walmart Beauty Box which is only $5., so I figured either way, if it sucks, who cares.  I watched some youtube videos of some unboxings and they looked promising.  I was pretty disappointed in mine.  A small shampoo and conditioner from Loreal, a small sample of Caress body wash.  An even smaller sample of Dial lotion and a few foil packets of face cream and perfume.  Overall, I was hoping to get more of “beauty” samples like makeup and skincare.  Not everyday items like shampoo and conditioner.  I’ll hang in there to see if it gets better and keep you posted.

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